Write About Your Passion to Offset the Lack of Profit

With the appearance of bloggers like Darren Rowse and John Chow, we bloggers all feel that we can be as fortunate as them to make a ton of money every single month from our blog(s). Unfortunately, that is not exactly the case. With thousands of blogs being started every day, the question you need to ask is: can mine be one of the few that really makes a ton of money? If you answer yes to that question, then continue reading because what I am going to tell you is incredibly important.

The real truth about blogging is that it will take a considerable amount of time to make money on your blog. As much as you’d like to be able to retire from your job after the first few blog posts, the truth of the matter is that it will take a very long time. The common mistake people make is they jump into a blog thinking that it is going to make them a boatload of cash and they are going to live the life.

Now I am not saying that you can’t make a ton of money off of your blog. There are always people out there that will read your content if you can find them and they are going to help you make money. That is very true. The only problem is that it is not going to make money for a while. Before it is making money, unless the topic you write about is one that you truly love, you’re going to find yourself beginning to deteriorate and be unable to continue updating it.

I am a Biology major and when I am not studying and learning about different microbes, I come online to make money. So, science is an interest of mine. If I were to make a biology website, it would take a long time for it to rank in the search engines and then bring in sufficient traffic to make money. The good news is that I have a passion about the topic so I would be able to continue writing about it because I like the topic. If I hated the topic, how would I find the dedication to writing on the blog? It would become harder and harder.

If I were to write about a topic that I don’t really find interesting, such as dogs or something like that, I would be able to…For a few blog posts. And as time went on, the interest would begin to die and as that interest died, I would turn to something else for inspiration: profit. But, like most blogs, it wouldn’t be making much money at the start. Sure, it might be bringing in a little money, but would it be enough to keep me going? Probably not.

My point in this very long article is that you need to write on a topic that you have interest in. If you’re going to get your blog to a profitable level, you’re going to need to be patience. A lot of people lack the patience to continue writing about a topic that they are not overly interested in unless it is making money.

Find that niche that really interests you. Find one that excites you and one that you can write on for weeks and months without worrying about money. For me, that topic is Biology and Politics. For others, the topic might be cute little dogs. Find the one you like. With that passion, profit will come. That much is for sure.

Jacob is an avid guitar player as well as a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a professor. When not blogging on The Webmaster Blog, he is over at his political opinion blog.

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4 Responses to “Write About Your Passion to Offset the Lack of Profit”

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    I can sympathise with you greatly. My blog is about hot news topics and discussions that focuses mainly on Science, as I study Physics and Chemistry and I feel that after only been running for a few days it will be really hard to make any money at all with my blog.
    WIth a blog on this topic, nearly all the ads you place will not be relevant and when signing up to sites like ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews, there will not be many options for us because we have no niche marketing area.
    I suppose we just have to blog for our passion and not for the money =]

    http://vop-say.co.cc =]

  2. Crazykinux says:

    How very true this is!

    It basically boils down to numbers. The numbers of visitors you get. And in order to have a lot of visitor, of which a small percentage will click an ad, you need to have great content, posted on a regular basis, over a certain period of time.

    The only way to achieve this is with time and lots of work. Which both Darren and John have shown plenty of.

    I completely agree with you on this one; that only with Passion for your subject matter, can you possibly hang in there long enough in order to grow your revenues.


    Crazykinuxs last blog post..Rouge-Mataouin Preserve, Canada

  3. Jacob says:

    Andrew: Science sites can definitely make money. It’s going to require you to try some different things out. Drop me an e-mail and perhaps I can give you some advice on how to increase your earnings on the science blog. My e-mail is in my about page.

    CK: It can be very frustrating not to get paid, but if we have the passion for what we write about, we’re going to find that success that we both want.

    Hope you both have subscribed to the RSS feed so you can keep up on my next few posts. ;)

    Jacobs last blog post..Clinton’s Fear-Mongering Gas Tax Holiday vs. A True American Hero: Now in 3D!

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