What All Entrecard Users Have in Common?

In a previous article I mentioned some of the most popular niches among Entrecard users. However, this time I’d like to bring to your attention another aspect of the Entrecard community: something that all users have in common.

I know that trying to analyse thousands of people as a whole may be complicated. Anyone slightly familiar with Internet marketing concepts knows that we should preferably target niches. Still, I insist: despite the several divisions, niches and subniches that you can identify on the Entrecard directory, there is one way to address the entire community’s need at once.

All Entrecard users want traffic

Regardless of niche and personal preferences, what all Entrecarders want is traffic, above all else. It doesn’t matter what they want this traffic for. It may be for money making purposes, or for fame, or just to find more people to exchange views… Whatever they want, doesn’t change the fact that traffic is the way to achieve it.

Entrecard is such a successful site exactly because it meets its users’ expectations. Moreover, it’s reliable, unlike many other suspicious traffic generating offers that you may find all over the Internet.

What can you do about this simple lesson?

1. Use this as a model when you need to analyze large groups of consumers. See what needs they have in common. While smaller groups are easier to understand, it’s always possible to look at the big picture.

2. Leverage Entrecard’s userbase. One site that has been successfully doing it is BlogEngage. It would have taken me much longer to find this site if it wasn’t for all the Entrecard spots that it buys on several blogs. And note that BlogEngage is also another traffic generating site. It’s a perfect match for Entrecarders.

3. Create your own traffic generating service. There are thousands of webmasters and bloggers out there waiting for good promotional tools. Entrecard does have some competitors, but none of them has managed to become as popular. Can you take this challenge and create a better solution?

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6 Responses to “What All Entrecard Users Have in Common?”

  1. Geoserv says:

    The never ending quest for traffic and the lengths bloggers will go for it.

    I have had EC on my blog for a while, and I haven’t really noticed a great amount of traffic from it.

    Geoservs last blog post..FREE Pligg Template – Pliggup v9.9.0

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Thanks for the link guys! I swear the majority of my members at blogengage are from entrecard so it’s worked out amazing for me personally! I think if I were to seriously market my blog with the site I would be looking at more specific target market… as in categories! With blogengage I can simply put an add anywhere seeing all bloggers are my target market!

    Great article Karen Zara pleasure reading it!

  3. Gaje Master says:

    This is the first time that I have heard about the term entrecard. What exactly is this? The post was a bit unclear. I guess I will do a search on it and find out. Alright, I did my google search and found another post on this. Is it true that this works best for small bloggers but is a waste of time for more popular bloggers?

    Gaje Masters last blog post..Sponsor a Blog Contest and Win

  4. shaxx says:

    In entrecard’s case, it has exceeded my expectations for being not just another traffic exchange site… It is now my second source of traffic, after stumbleupon.

    shaxxs last blog post..Top 10 EC Droppers for July 2008

  5. Sherry says:

    yeah more traffic to blogs that what I have in mind too. I want blogger to get notice of my blogs

    Sherrys last blog post..New Contest @SunEGirl Loves To Shop

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