The Importance of Having a Good Design for Your Site

When an idea enters your head for a website, the common mistake that people make is they want to rush, as fast as they can, to get the site up on the web. They go out and buy the domain name, they get hosting, they write some articles (if that’s the kind of site) and they put the site on the web. Can anyone here see the problem? They did not spend any time on trying to get a good theme for their website. They were in such a rush to get the site online because they think it will make so much money, they spent no time ensuring that the site had a design that was worth anything.

The common mistake that so many people make when they start a new site is they don’t spend the time (or the money) to get a well constructed design for their site. They find the first thing that they think looks decent and they put it up, not really caring if there are some broken links and images that just don’t fit because in their eyes, it’s really only the content on the site that matters. I agree that the content is what matters; however, what is the very first thing that the visitor is going to see when they come to the site? The design.

The first thing that the visitor is going to see when they come to your site is whether the design looks good or if it looks bad. They are not going to read the articles in the first five seconds. They are going to, chances are, look around and either say, “Wow, this looks really cool” or say, “Wow, this looks really bad.” You don’t want to be the second one.

To prevent against that happening, when you do decide on an awesome idea for a site, spend a bit of money and get a nice design. Get one that fits your niche. If you’re talking about the environment and going green, I don’t recommend that you use black and red for the site. I personally don’t think environment when I see that. Also spend some time really getting a good logo designed. Get one that people are going to stop and say, “Wow!” You want to get the ‘wow’ effect. That will cement the site in their head and by doing that, they will come back again and again.

If your site is one that you want to make big then you should be willing to take the time and potentially spend the money on finding a good design. First impressions are key for anything, whether it is a website or anything else for that matter. If you are going out to dinner with a boss, you want to take the time to really look good. The first impression, if good, could mean that you would be given a promotion. It can also mean negative things.

So, take the time and the money to get a good design. I’m not saying spend hundreds of dollars on one. Just spend some time to try and find one that will suit your site. And, if you have the money, spend it on really getting a good design. The first impression will bring people back to your site time and time again. That is, of course, if the content is also good. But, that’s another topic for another time. Get a good design. First impressions are everything.

Jacob is an avid guitar player as well as a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a professor.  When not blogging on The Webmaster Blog, he is over at his political opinion blog.

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5 Responses to “The Importance of Having a Good Design for Your Site”

  1. Zac Davis says:

    Do you have any suggestions on quality WordPress Themes that are cheap or free?

    Zac Daviss last blog post..Free “Sponsored By” Links

  2. Jacob says:

    That all depends on the look you are going for. I know that one site that has some pretty nice themes (and is owned by a friend) is wordpress skins. She is always adding more to the site.

    Jacobs last blog post..Confused Clinton, Audacious Obama, and the Democratic Debacle

  3. Geoserv says:


    Good post, I often wonder how some websites keep going with the lack of design they have. There are templates all over the www, download one and play around with it.

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