The Cease and Desist Letter Saga

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Well, it is over. My best performing domain has been taken from me due to trademark issues.
Just a recap if you don’t feel like reading my first post on receiving a cease and desist letter.

Last summer, my finance website started to take off. I was showing up on the first 3 pages of Google search, and the income was going up along with the page views.

Then the letter came. Apparently, two of the words in my domain were trademarked, and the attorney wanted me to hand over the domain.

I argued, I fought, I asked for concessions, but in the end I handed the domain over. In return, I got nothing.

I might have been able to fight it, but I felt my chances for success were low, and I didn’t want to spend the time or the money. In the end, I moved my blog to a better domain, Money, Debt and Taxes, and now I will just do what I did before to bring it up in the search rankings and build the traffic.

As a result of this I am now much more careful in choosing my domains. I am looking to see if there is any chance that they might be trademarked. I don’t want to lose that much hard work ever again!

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5 Responses to “The Cease and Desist Letter Saga”

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  3. linkwheels says:

    That was great determination,you will definitely reach your previous state..good luck

  4. How will you know if a word is trademarked or what? I think I should research more about tih stopic before putting up my own site. This one is a little confusing

  5. That’s a bummer man. I’m no lawyer but I think it’s always a good idea to try to trademark your name right from the start to protect your business from the vultures. But it’s always easier to do something the second time around so I’m sure you’ll get it going again.

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