The Cease and Desist Letter Saga

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Well, it is over. My best performing domain has been taken from me due to trademark issues. Just a recap if you don’t feel like reading my first post on receiving a cease and desist letter. Last summer, my finance website started to take off. I was showing up […]

How Not To Lose (Too Many) Visitors When You Move Your Site – Part 3

In this final installment, let’s see a few more things that you can do in order to redirect your current audience to a new site address. All of them are related to your site strategy — you have one, right? If you don’t, it’s time to think about it. Strategic decisions to prevent loss of […]

How Not to Lose (Too Many) Visitors When You Move Your Site – Part 2

In the first part of this new series I wrote about three ways to redirect visitors to a new site. Today I’ll show you that there are also off-site ways to guide your audience towards another destination. Using various tools to keep in touch with your visitors 1. Update newsletters are a great way to […]