Tips for Setting Up Your Blog

I found  a blog post that I thought was just brilliant.  Number one because the topic was interesting, and number two, because the post itself encouraged you to read further into the blog. The post is Blog Setup: 40 Practical Tips.  The title itself is great, it is interesting and Google is going to love […]

Cheap Domains and a Free SEO eBook

If you are like me you like to have a few spare domains around. You never know when you are going to get a great idea for a website and it is just easier if you already have the domain. GoDaddy is currently selling .info domains for just 99 cents plus a 20 cent Icann […]

25 Free SEO Tips to Help you Gain Visibility in Search Rankings

By John Alexander If you are not currently getting the Free SEO Tip of the Day, then you can sign up for it right here. Today, I wanted to share just 25 tips in this article that I hope you will enjoy. If you enjoy learning SEO and reading these tips, then why not consider […]