The Cease and Desist Letter Saga

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Well, it is over. My best performing domain has been taken from me due to trademark issues. Just a recap if you don’t feel like reading my first post on receiving a cease and desist letter. Last summer, my finance website started to take off. I was showing up […]

Updated Google Chrome TOS & SiteMeter Face Lift

Hi, as you all may already know, Kat will be away for a few days. I am here to deputize for her. First of all, in the last post, Kat linked to a post on Veritable Life regarding the controversial Section 11 of Google Chrome’s terms of service (TOS). For those who have not read […]

The Basics of Domain Flipping

Domaining or Domain Flipping has been a very profitable business for a number of years, now. It has been going through a bit of a recession as of late, but that’s probably due to the influx of newbies and scammers to the business. As long as you present yourself well, and show that you are […]