Need Comments On Your Blog? Get Entrecard Now!

What is it that most new bloggers want the most? Traffic. What comes second? Comments. Now, with the partnership between Entrecard and SezWho, bloggers can have both. The WebMaster Blog has been using Entrecard since our beginning. It is a great way to bring traffic to a new blog, and to get yourself noticed. But […]

Entrecard Festival at The WebMaster Blog

I originally planned to write a single article about Entrecard dropping patterns. However, as time went by, I had more and more ideas. The result? I decided to devote a whole month to Entrecard-related articles. After all, Entrecard is a very hot topic; one post about it wouldn’t have been enough. What can you expect […]

What Are The Most Popular Niches Among Entrecard Users?

Apparently this question is very easy to answer. Anyone can go to Entrecard, click on “Browse” and verify the amount of blogs listed on each category. However, the definitive answer may be a bit less obvious than expected. In absolute numbers, the “Personal Diary” category is the most popular one, containing more than a thousand […]