I'll Show You the Best Way to Turn Entrecard Users Into Loyal Readers

Most Entrecard users are selfish. They just access a blog, drop a card on the Entrecard widget and move on to the next blog, where they’ll repeat the process. They couldn’t care less for the bloggers behind the pages they visit. They don’t pay attention to the posts. All they want is to accumulate Entrecard […]

What All Entrecard Users Have in Common?

In a previous article I mentioned some of the most popular niches among Entrecard users. However, this time I’d like to bring to your attention another aspect of the Entrecard community: something that all users have in common. I know that trying to analyse thousands of people as a whole may be complicated. Anyone slightly […]

Our First Contest!

It is time for our first ever contest here at The WebMaster Blog. Our first two months have been great and we would like to thank everyone who reads the blog. The contest rules are simple: 1. Subscribe to the feed. This is required! Only subscribers will win prizes. 10 Points Plus, read how you […]