Create a Free Blog

Visit the forums and you will find that the debate rages on. Is it better to use a free blog service, or pay for your own domain and hosting? In my opinion the answer is both! The biggest advantage to having a self hosted blog is that you have the most control over your blog. […]

I Feel The Need For Speed

The number one complaint that I hear about web pages is that they load too slow!  In fact, people have said that to me about this page.  (I’m working on that!)  But how do you know if your site is a turtle when it comes to loading.  You can’t always tell by your own experience.  […]

Effecient Blog Commenting

Used by webmasters and bloggers alike, blog commenting is a highly used technique of generating traffic. Blog comments usually spark some type of conversation between the blogger and reader, and will even include other readers as well. As there are many blogs to comment on, and many conversations going on at once, sometimes it can […]