The Alternatives to Adsense

So, you came back to see what alternative you had to using Adsense. If you have no idea what I am talking about, make sure you check out the other post about distancing yourself from Adsense. The amount of money that you are missing out on because of Adsense is so great that you might actually spend a day or two beating yourself up for not learning this sooner.

The only downfall to the things I am going to suggest to you is that you need some traffic. Adsense is great because even if you only have five people a day coming to your blog, if one of those clicks, it’s money in the bank. That’s nice. However, you need to understand that having some higher traffic is very important for these next tips to work. Sure, you might be able to make some money without the higher amount of traffic, but I really think that if you have more traffic, you’ll really love the results that you see.

Here we go:

  • Sign Up for Kontera: Many people don’t know what Kontera is; however, it is one of the things that I am a firm believer in. However, I have found that it is not that great unless your traffic is high. The ads go into the actual text and if one of the words you used is one that was bid on by an advertiser, it turns into an ad that if someone clicks on, you get money.
  • Sign Up for OIO Publisher: OIO Publisher is a market place for you to sell private advertising. You can sell 125×125 ads and text links (both of which I endorse) and they don’t take any of the profit. By selling those, you are getting private advertisers. Those are going to be the bulk of your earning.
  • If you are against using OIO Publisher, you can set up a couple of slots on your blog for 125×125 ads and text links and try to sell them yourself. Go to webmaster forums and make an ad saying you’re selling the ads for inexpensive prices. First start low and then increase.
  • Find whatever products you can that relates to the niche of your site and set up a place for those ads. I am a firm believer that CPA is a great way to make money and it can definitely increase your earnings.
  • Do reviews. Although I have only ever seen them done on blogs that are “Make Money Online” blogs, I think that any blog can do them if the niche is correct. The amount you can charge for this all depends on your traffic. Some get away with charging $400 PER review. That’s a nice chunk of change, huh?

Look, I could keep going and continue to say what other ways there are for you to make money. However, more importantly, you knowing the fact that you have to get in your head that there are alternatives to Adsense. There are ways other ways to make money. Adsense is one of them, but I hope you understand that it is not the only way or the best way.

Now, to appease those that are addicted to Adsense, take this final word. Adsense is a great supplemental income. What I mean is that if you use it along with many of the other forms of making money as mentioned above, you could really increase your earnings tremendously. Five hundred dollars is still five hundred dollars; however, you want to have more than one revenue stream bringing in that $500. If you do, you’ll really be a happy camper.

Jacob is an avid guitar player as well as a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a professor. When not blogging on The Webmaster Blog, he is over at his political opinion blog.

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You Need to Distance Yourself from Adsense

One of the big errors that bloggers make when they set up their blog is to solely use Adsense for their earnings. I have been guilty of that same error. They see these people that are making $50,000 a month or more from Adsense and they get excited…Downright, overly, incredibly excited. So, they stop after adding Adsense and then start writing article after article, hoping they will make money. And they don’t. Or, if they do make money, it’s not nearly as much as they were hoping to make from their blog.

I’m not trying to say don’t use Adsense. As you can see, we use Adsense right here on this blog. What I am trying to say is that you can’t use only Adsense. If you rely entirely on Adsense, you’re missing out on a huge stream of profit. I am not anti-Adsense; however, I am anti-ONLY Adsense. There are so many other ways to make money that if you tap into them, you can really make a considerable amount of money.

I remember when I was reading John Chow’s blog, way back when, he used to only use Adsense to bring in money. Sure, he was bringing in about $500 a month. And sure, he was writing about a topic that he loved. However, when you think about it, was it really all that fantastic? Of course not. The amount of money that he was bringing in was just not as great as the amount of money that he is bringing in now. When he started to bring in different streams of advertising, suddenly, he began to bring in more money. He raised is ECPM enormously and that is why he is making so many thousands of dollars a month.

Other bloggers have all had similar success. When Adsense came out, it was the dream for all webmasters. We could just put up some code and voila, we would make money if people clicked. No longer did we need to go out and find advertisers. However, the real problem was that Adsense started to demand more. They took a heftier % as time went on and people’s earnings went down. Adsense, though, still was a great way and still is a great way to make money.

Now…Some bloggers will swear on a Holy Book and back that Adsense is the way…Some will say that there is no other way to make good money. I am going to tell you straight up that you are 100% incorrect bloggers. There are tons of other ways to make money blogging. You can…Well…How about I just save that for another day.

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Jacob is an avid guitar player as well as a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a professor. When not blogging on The Webmaster Blog, he is over at his political opinion blog.

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