I'll Show You the Best Way to Turn Entrecard Users Into Loyal Readers

Most Entrecard users are selfish.

They just access a blog, drop a card on the Entrecard widget and move on to the next blog, where they’ll repeat the process. They couldn’t care less for the bloggers behind the pages they visit. They don’t pay attention to the posts. All they want is to accumulate Entrecard credits as fast as possible. However, when other Entrecard users behave the same way, they complain a lot: “How come all those people come here, drop a card and go away? Why don’t they take the time to click on my wonderful headlines and read my precious articles? How can they be so evil to me?” Talk about incoherence!

But do you know what? There’s an easy way to take advantage of this situation.

It’s very easy to beat selfish Entrecard users

If you’re surrounded by a selfish crowd, what’s the best way to stand out and make a difference? That’s an easy one: do not be selfish. Be generous and friendly. Offer the others exactly what you’d like to be offered.

Do you want interested visitors? Subscribers? More comments? You can get it all if you do one simple thing: whenever you visit a blog owned by a fellow Entrecarder, drop your card and leave a meaningful comment on a post.

By doing this you’ll show good-will towards the blogger, whom on his/her turn will likely return the favour. This could be the beginning of a promising relationship. In the end the blogger may become a regular visitor and/or subscriber to your blog. Of course, I highly recommend that you reciprocate.

“This is too time-consuming,” you might argue.

Let me tell you something that shouldn’t be a secret for anyone: there’s no magic way to generate repeat visits for a blog or site. If a traffic generation method looks too good to be true… you know. All effective promotion techniques require time, effort and persistence. This one couldn’t be different.

Besides, it’s about giving people what they want, as opposed to sitting down and waiting for everyone to serve you as if they were your slaves. Be nice to others and many will be nice to you too. It’s that simple.

How the Entrecard-drop-and-comment scheme works

1. You visit a blog containing the Entrecard widget. Ideally, you want to access blogs whose topics you’re familiar with.

2. You drop your Entrecard, as usual.

3. Instead of leaving the blog right away, you choose a post that catches your attention and read it.

4. Finally, you leave a relevant comment on the article you’ve just read. Since you’re familiar with the blog’s topic, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a nice message.

Special tip: let the blogger know you’ve found his/her blog via Entrecard. The reason why you want to do this is to show the blogger you aren’t one of those selfish quick droppers. You use Entrecard as a networking tool and you’re genuinely interested in building relationships.

There you have it: you’ve just made a blogger happier–who doesn’t like comments?–and encouraged him/her to not only reciprocate your Entrecard drop, but also pay attention to your posts. There’s no way a quick dropper can cause a better impression than you.

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Your feedback is welcome. Leave a comment and share your Entrecard experiences with our readers.

Karen Zara is a writer who favours relationship building over selfish promotional actions. You can click here to contact her and/or learn more about her SEO writing services.

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Cheap Domains and a Free SEO eBook

If you are like me you like to have a few spare domains around. You never know when you are going to get a great idea for a website and it is just easier if you already have the domain.
GoDaddy is currently selling .info domains for just 99 cents plus a 20 cent Icann fee. That is just $1.19 for a domain. I know many people don’t think infos are that great of a domain, but for $1.19 I think it is a pretty good deal. As always, with GoDaddy, you never know how long the special is going to last, so don’t wait too long to get your domain.

Then, when you are ready to set up a WordPress Blog, click on over to BlogOhBlog and pick up your free WordPress SEO for beginners eBook. The ebook is short and sweet. It is just 5 pages but the advice is sure to improve the SEO of your WordPress Blog.The eBook also contains links to some very popular WordPress Plugins. The best part, you don’t even need to register or give your email. The ebook is free with no strings attached!

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Updated Google Chrome TOS & SiteMeter Face Lift

Hi, as you all may already know, Kat will be away for a few days. I am here to deputize for her.

First of all, in the last post, Kat linked to a post on Veritable Life regarding the controversial Section 11 of Google Chrome’s terms of service (TOS). For those who have not read the post yet, apparently in the first version of Google Chrome’s TOS, by using Chrome to post, submit or display any content which belonged to you, you automatically also grant Google worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify and publish the same content.

However, on 4th September 2008, barely a few days after the release of Google Chrome, Google has come out with an official statement saying that Google Chrome’s TOS has been updated, more specifically the content of Section 11 has been altered to:

11. Content license from you
11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.

The updated Section 11 is rather short but it is effective and simple. Internet users can now use Google Chrome without worry. You don’t even need to download a new copy of Chrome, because this updated TOS is retroactive and will cover everyone who has downloaded Google Chrome since the first day it was launched.

By the way, hot off the stove is the news that SiteMeter has completed its migration and it has a face lift in the way site tracking reports are displayed. Site tracking reports are now displayed with Flash. Check out the screen shot on the right.

One of the most noticable changes is that now you can manage all your tracked sites individual accounts under one primary account with only one login and password required. Previously there was no way for users to link several individual accounts under one primary account, users have to keep many logins and passwords and spend a lot of time just to login, logout and relogin to view other accounts. On top of the primary account, SiteMeter users can also receive Stats by email for multiple accounts.

Premium account users can also enjoy several new features from SiteMeter such as Aggregate Reports, Dedicated Path Report, RSS Activity Report and Most Popular Pages report.

SiteMeter is one of the better site and visitor tracking services available. It is especially useful for webmasters whose host do not provide built-in tracking reports and also those using free blogging platforms such as Blogger which also lacks such a feature. If you need such a tool for your website, feel free to check out SiteMeter.

Question(s) of the day: Have you been using Google Chrome? What do you feel about it? What site statistics tools do you use for your websites?

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