Our First Contest!

It is time for our first ever contest here at The WebMaster Blog. Our first two months have been great and we would like to thank everyone who reads the blog. The contest rules are simple:
1. Subscribe to the feed. This is required! Only subscribers will win prizes. 10 Points
Plus, read how you can receive a free e-book just for subscribing.
2. Comment on The WebMaster Blog. Any post. 1 point per comment. Limited to 5 per day.
3. Comment on a contest sponsor’s blog. 5 points per comment.
4. Blog about The WebMaster Blog. Include 2 links, one to the homepage and 1 to any post. 10 points.
5. Blog about the contest and include the list with links to the sponsors. 50 points!
Which prize do you hope to win?

Comment here to let us know what you did.

A secret bonus prize will be given for the best blog post about The WebMaster Blog.
Winner (s) will be chosen by our authors.

Here is the prize list. Be sure to visit our sponsors and comment on their blogs!

My CFO on the Go! 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal cash.
Get Rich Geek 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal Cash
Ninja Success 125X125 ad spot for 30 days. $5 PayPal Cash

Susanne at SquidooMagic Free set up of SEO optimized Squidoo lens.
Better Interpersonal Communication 125 X 125 ad spot
WebbieStuffs 1200 EC Credits, Permanent Link (Blog Roll), 2-month ad in side bar, 100 x 100.

Blog Improvement and Money Making Tips 1000 EC credits.
BestJoanne Is The One For Reviews 1000 EC credits.
Rumbling Lankin 1000 Entrecard Credits

TwinsHappiness 250 EntreCard credits.
The Spirit of Blogging 1000 Entrecard Credits and 125 ad space.
The Melvin Blog E-book worth $17, ad spot worth $10.

The University Kid will offer eBooks and 2, 1 hour consultations.
The Smile Guy will donate 500 Entrecard credits and an ad spot. Either 125X125 or 486X60 winners choice!
5 links Blog Promotion Site

Plus The WebMaster Blog is giving away:
5 prizes of 1,000 Entrecard Credits Each
2- 125X125 ad spots for 30 days
5- BlogRoll links for 30 days

More great prizes added!
Indian Devs is offering one non animated banner or logo design worth $30, and one adspot on technoworld worth 15$

With so many prizes you are almost guaranteed to win something!
Contest will end August 24, 2008.

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38 Responses to “Our First Contest!”

  1. Sherry says:


    above my entry and I have subscribed feed using yahoo.

    I am so happy I am first to comment too.

    Sherrys last blog post..First Contest at The WebMaster Blog

  2. Marie says:

    Looks like you have some great prizes for this contest. All the best and good luck to everyone who enters :)

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m subscribed, and including this comment, I’ve left two comments. Of course, the other one was claiming the free ebook, so I probably don’t deserve much in the way of points for the comments.

  4. bm says:

    congrats on the 3rd month ;) Please let me join your contest. btw, i subscribed thru google reader & posted it @ http://blog.makemoneyonline-x.com/2008/07/webmaster-blogs-first-contest.html

    bms last blog post..The WebMaster Blog’s First Contest

  5. ghing says:

    hi kat!.. count me in..
    I blog about the contest..
    I subscribed via google reader and leave a comment here and on the post claiming the free ebook..

    congratz and more power for the next succeeding months..

    good luck to all the participants..

    ghings last blog post..The Webmaster Blog’s Very First Contest

  6. BBx says:

    I’ve subscribed via RSS and blogged here: http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2008/07/webmaster-blogs-first-contest.html
    with links to the sponsors and your homepage and this page.
    Hope that’s 71 valid points! Thanks!

  7. EmmaB says:

    I have subscribed, and even have proof.

    EmmaBs last blog post..Link Love, Updates and other Stuff

  8. EmmaB says:

    I will also be doing commenting on this blog as well as some of the sponsors using the same name/url/email.

    I will do a blog entry sometime soon

    EmmaBs last blog post..Link Love, Updates and other Stuff

  9. Here’s my entry post (50)

    Both links to your homepage and the contest page is included (10)
    Subscribed by the same email (10)

    Glad to be part of the contest and good luck to all.


    Blog Tips for Beginnerss last blog post..It’s Christmas in August

  10. Matt Keegan says:

    Cool! I’m heading out and won’t have time to enter, but I’ve stumbled your page and dropped my card. Have fun!

    Matt Keegans last blog post..Client Versus Personal Work: Which Do You Prefer?

  11. ~Kat~ says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the Stumble! I suppose we can count that as an entry! :)

  12. Hey,

    Ive subscribed, commenting now and blogged about the contest.


    I also just commented on the university kids blog entering his contest :)

    Matthew @ Contest Lives last blog post..The WebMasters Blog’s First Contest

  13. wow lot of prizes. Guess I am little late:)

  14. indocontest says:

    Cool Contest.
    Subscribed by email.
    Blogged with all your sponsors links:

    67 points. :)

    indocontests last blog post..The First WebMaster Blog’s Contest

  15. Riyanne says:

    Subscribe to the feed. Required! 10 Points
    Blog about the contest and include the list with links to the sponsors. 50 points!


  16. Brenda says:

    Subscribed and blogged about the contest with all the sponsors and prizes:


  17. Subscribed by e-mail and commented… Nice Contest!

    Nadeesha Cabrals last blog post..How to create your own FeedBurner FeedFlares

  18. nhc1987 says:

    Subscribed by email. 10pts

    Comment on your blog. 1pts

    Blogged with all your sponsors links: 50pts


    Total : 61 points. :)

  19. wiehanne says:

    1. subscribe via Google reader – 10 points
    2. Blog with link to homepage and this post – 10 points
    3. Blog about the contest with links to the sponsors – 50 points


    wiehannes last blog post..First contest from The WebMaster Blog

  20. David says:

    I subscribed to your blog by email, commented on your blog here :), and wrote about your contest here with all links: http://www.dailydollarreport.com/the-wm-blogs-first-contest/

    61 points :)

  21. kranjcarz says:

    I’ve already subscribed by yahoo : kranjcarz

    Posted with all sponsors links, both your homepage and this contest : http://kranjcarz.co.cc/2008/08/20/the-webmaster-blog-first-contest/

    Glad to be a part of this contest

    kranjcarzs last blog post..The WebMaster Blog First Contest

  22. HelloKit says:

    I’ve subscribed via e-mail. Congrats on your first two months!

    It took me six years and 300 posts, but I’m also running my very first blog contest. There’s only one day left to enter. I hope you’ll join in!

    HelloKits last blog post..sell at least one ad, guaranteed

  23. WebbyContest says:

    Im just in the nick to time: I think ive got +70 pts

    Blog about the contest here : (+50)

    Both links to your homepage and the contest page is included (+10)

    Subscribe using reader@brownpinay.com (+10)

    WebbyContests last blog post..Blogging Olympics 2008 by Carl Ocab

  24. nhc1987 says:

    Who are the winners ?

    nhc1987s last blog post..Blogging Olympics 2008

  25. charles says:

    Ow… August 24, 2008. I am so late in terms of contest. Anyway, congratulations to all the winners of this contest. Keep it up guys.

    charless last blog post..Blog Educate | Blog Platforms for you

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