Do You Like To Make Money?

I promise I will get back to the domain give away. And I will be giving away one domain for every day of December until Christmas.  So keep commenting! But for right now I want to let you know about another contest/opportunity I have for you!

If you read this blog I think I can make a a few assumptions about you.

  1. You like to blog.
  2. You like to make money.
  3. You don’t really like to pay for hosting or for domains.
  4. You don’t want to pay for the “opportunity” to make money.

So what if I tell you about a way that you can have a blog that costs you nothing. You don’t have to pay for a domain or hosting or for the “opportunity”.

  • You will earn at least $1 for every post you write. (Up to one post per day.)
  • You will get paid $2 for every 2000 uniques.
  • You will have the opportunity to make even more money.
  • You will help me earn more money so I can keep giving away domains, even after December!

Does this sound good to you?  Then please use my affiliate link and sign up for a free blog at  Then make 10 posts of at least 100 words each.  When you do that, I will earn a commission and you will have earned at least $10!

Now, let’s make it even better!  If you sign up for, using my affiliate link, and you make at least 10 posts then I will give you a few extra bonuses!

  1. If I win a bonus for most referrals for the month of December, I will share that bonus with everyone that signed up with me!
  2. I will give you a 90 day blogroll link to your blog on The WebMaster Blog
  3. I will write a review of your blog on my blog Review Me Today!
  4. I will visit your blog frequently, which will increase your earnings!

So what more do you want? (Seriously let me know!) Then click on the banner and get yourself a free blog!

Don’t like banners, can’t see the banner? Then click here for

Then, once you have your free blog from leave a comment here with a link and we will all go and check it out!

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10 Responses to “Do You Like To Make Money?”

  1. Hudpost says:

    They have a bunch of applications right now according to their site, I’m guessing due to this competition you’re talking about. However I’ve signed up anyway as I could use the spare money.

    While it does seem legit as I’ve heard of this company before, mind sharing some payment proof (not necessarily yours).

    Hudposts last blog post..The last 4 digits of my SSN

  2. BobbyT says:

    Hi Kat,

    You are doing a good thing there, giving out domains as gifts.

    I will join as your referral, been hearing about them for quite some time now and you convinced me to try them out.

    I have a question though? Does pays out via PayPal and how long before the payment is dispensed? Immediately after a month ends or is there grace period of 45 days, etc.?

    BobbyTs last blog post..6 Months Free P1 W1MAX Subscription

  3. ManInTheMoon says:

    You beat me to the punch, Kat. I was just thinking of doing this exact same kind of post. By the way, it is legitimate BobbyT. However, they don’t do the first pay out until you reach $50. Let me add to what she said about visiting frequently and point out that once you’ve introduced yourself on the forums to the other members, you’ll have a very supportive community of people visiting you often.

    I checked them out pretty thoroughly before I joined. I made sure that they had quality blogs I wouldn’t be ashamed to be part of. I’ve not been disappointed in any way.

    ManInTheMoons last blog post..In Need of a Good Brainwashing

  4. ~Kat~ says:

    When I signed up they told me it could take 30 days to get approved. I was approved the next day!

    I don’t have any payment proof, I haven’t been paid yet. But I have searched the internet and I can’t find anyone saying they haven’t been paid.

    Make sure you come back and let us know your blog url!

  5. ~Kat~ says:

    Hi BobbyT! Good to hear from you. They pay monthly on the 10th of the month. And it looks like they can pay via PayPal.

    Don’t forget to post your URL once you are approved!

  6. ~Kat~ says:

    From the looks of it it shouldn’t be too hard to get to $50, at least not if you post everyday. With the traffic I have been getting, and the referrals, I think I will make $50 this month!

  7. Xbox Gamer says:

    Without referrals, would probably take about 2 months. Still, assuming it takes you just a few minutes to write up that blog post everyday for 2 months that’s like $60 assuming you didn’t get much traffic.

    It’s better than nothing. PS: this is HP.

  8. Escoofield says:

    You’ve made a very good post this week! that’s great! Keep it going :) you deserve to reach the top ^.^

    Escoofields last blog post..Contest On December Worth Of $1000 Cash and Advertisment Prizes!

  9. ~Kat~ says:

    Make sure that if you sign up you let me know your blog url. And make your 10 posts! Without making those 10 posts you don’t become qualified.

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