Developing and Promoting a Website to Flip

I talked about how you could create a website using a free WordPress theme, a .com domain name, and some relatively simple content and then flip the site to make a profit. Sure, you can do it that way if you are looking for very fast satisfaction; however, if you have patience and want to try and make more money for the sale of the site, what you can do is develop it and promote it. The content is there and the site is ready to earn…It just needs your help.

First and foremost, I don’t advise you to spend a ton of time promoting the site. It really is not worth it because you’re going to be making a ton of these sites, chances are, and if you dedicate so much time to promoting one site, it will defeat the purpose. These following steps are things that I strongly suggest you do to try and get traffic to your site.

First and foremost, submit the site to about twenty five directories all on the first day. If you can, find directories that allow you to deep link so that you can link to your articles. Pick keywords that are not overly competitive. Therefore, if I wanted to link to the Solar System blog, I might use the anchor text: Learn the Solar System or Our Solar System. I want to rank for those words so that in a month or two, I can start getting search engine traffic.

Consider buying traffic. If you pay very little for traffic, it will come to your site and then, they may click the ads on the site. This is called arbitrage and it is argued that it is an effective means to profit. However, some consider it falsifying information, so I don’t suggest it unless you are in that sort of a mood.

Submit the articles to StumbleUpon over a period of a week. Don’t do it all at once because they’ll think you’re a spammer and that’s never good. Since it’s a blog, also use Blogengage to get some traffic. You want to try and get as many social marketing sites to send traffic to you. Traffic can mean quite a bit of money for you and it looks great when you are selling the site.

Spend about thirty minutes a day just commenting on blogs that are in the same niche as you. If they allow the “do follow” tag, then you’re going to be getting some fantastic link juice which will just mean more rankings for you. This will send traffic to your blog and, as well, send the bots looking for you so that you can get better rankings.

In the end, we want the search engines to like us. Sure, having the other traffic is nice; however, those that are going to most likely click on the ads are those that come from the search engines. Find them and you are going to make money. Develop and promote the site the correct way and I guarantee that you’ll start really making money. But…How?

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Jacob is an avid guitar player as well as a biology major in college with hopes of becoming a professor. When not blogging on The Webmaster Blog, he is over at his political opinion blog.

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2 Responses to “Developing and Promoting a Website to Flip”

  1. virtue says:

    very usefull article :)

  2. Interesting take on “flipping” websites. makes it sound easier than it is though! Continually developing and selling so you have 10 earning while selling 10 each month? More power to ya’ if you can manage that! I’ve been able to resell a few in the past, but don’t have the time or patience to make a habit of it. I prefer to keep the sites I develop. I enjoy watching the traffic, pr and alexa ratings move! Some monetary gain is always nice too..My latest project is which has been online for just a few days. I still have lots to add.

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