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The Alternatives to Adsense

So, you came back to see what alternative you had to using Adsense. If you have no idea what I am talking about, make sure you check out the other post about distancing yourself from Adsense. The amount of money that you are missing out on because of Adsense is so great that you might […]

Finally, Flipping the Site For Maximum Profit

So, you are ready to flip the site? Good. The site is on the web, probably three or four months old, has a ton of links linking to it, is bringing in some very nice amount of money each month ($50 is nice when working with this). Good. Now comes the fun part and the […]

Monetizing the Site to Flip It

But, the important thing that I am sure you want to know about is how to monetize the site. I am going to be honest and say that monetization is not just throwing up an Adsense ad and calling it a day. It can be very difficult to monetize a site; however, if you experiment, you can definitely start making money from the site.