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Day One of the December Giveaway

We are off to a slow start. Only 3 commentors, but one left 3 comments on the blog.  So our first winner is Mark. He was also the first to comment. He wins a domain, and gets to choose between salesyp dot com, (exp 02/23/09)  or adoptionnews dot info (exp 04/04/09)  So which would you […]

December Give Away

December is the month for giving things away and here at the WebMaster Blog  I want to do it right! I will be giving away something every day from December 2 through December 25.  I will be giving away domains, ebooks, and even advertising spots. Or how about 5 comments on your blog, or in […]

I'm Giving Away a Domain

The domain is and it is almost 1 year old. It is expiring in just a couple days, so it will need to be renewed right away. Free push to your GoDaddy account. If you want the domain, leave a comment on this post.  Best comment in the next 24 hours or so will […]