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Rooting For A Non-Powerhouse College Football Team

Here is something a little off topicĀ  from Edgardo Rosa When you think of college football fans, you usually think of some diehard fans of an SEC school, where all of the teams are so good they are almost considered ‘semi-pro’, or maybe one of the cold weather teams where the uniforms are sparsely colored […]

Your Article Resource Box – The Secret to Getting the Most Traffic From Each and Every Article

I don’t usually use Ezine Articles for this blog. However, this post on Article Marketing was actually too good not to share. ~Kat~ By Jeff Herring Article Marketing is the number one source of free traffic on the Internet if you get your Resource Box right. Get this one wrong and you have wasted all […]

Before You Launch Your Website…

I love creating a new site. I like setting up the themes, adding new content, starting something fresh and new. All my old blogs suffer when I get the idea for something new. But then, I am in such a hurry to get the new site launched, that I skip some really basic checks. I […]