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Free Webhosts: Should You Still Care About Them? – Part 3

In the previous part of our free webhosting series, we discussed the advantages to having your sites hosted for free, as opposed to the disadvantages mentioned in the first part. Now you have enough information to support your decision. If you choose to try a free webhost — even when you are aware of its […]

How may I contact you? Nowhere to submit this question to a FAQ!

The web gurus have already revealed the secrets to building successful websites ages ago: attractive design and good content. However, apparently, most of them neglected the need to mention other small but important details or factors which might make or break an ultimate website: for example, uniqueness of content, website promotion and whether there is […]

70 Really Stunning Typographic Designs

Over 70 examples of sexy, bold and experimental typography. Some examples are typographic posters, some are typographic illustrations and some are just sketches with type. In any case, you will hopefully find some inspiration for your future works. read more | digg story Share this: