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Twitter Testing

Should you pay for twitter followers? Some say yes, others say no. There are posts on how to tell if followers are real or fake. But how can you really know? So do me a favor. I am doing a little twitter test. If you came to this post because you were following a tweet, […]

The Web Marketing Blog

After many years we are making changes to our blog. In the upcoming posts we will be focusing on how to market your business on the web. Today every business needs a web presence, and we will highlight the best ways for your business to stand out and be found by your potential clients. Share […]

Automatically Post To Blog Engage!

I have been hanging out and posting at BlogEngage for a few years now and I think it is a really great site. Now Brian is offering a service that will promote your blog without any work on your part! Here’s Brian… We all want to market and promote our blogs but truth be told […]