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Bloggeries: A Directory for Blogs

In our continuous efforts to try and increase the ‘findability’ of our blog, sometimes, we do things that don’t make a lot of sense. We submit to random, back-alley directories. We waste so much time buying advertising on blogs that just won’t help us. And, we try out very best to comment on blogs, only […]

10 Young People Who Changed the Internet

The great thing about being a webmaster or a blogger is there are no age limits.  Young and old can do great things and become wildly successful. Here is an article about those who achieved amazing internet success at a very young age. read more | digg story Share this:

Google To Launch “Friend Connect” On Monday

Don’t they say good things come in threes? Well, regardless, we ’ve heard from multiple sources that Google will launch a new product on Monday called “Friend Connect,” which will be a set of APIs for Open Social participants to pull profile information from social networks into third party websites. read more | digg story […]