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Getting More Backlinks with the Right Keywords for Your Blog

When you start a blog, you’re incredibly excited and you start to really cram out the content. I can remember when I started my first blog, I had time stamped about four articles and I was writing more and more. The first few articles were published and I waited…waited…waited…And no traffic came. So I tried […]

Digg! Marketing Giant

For Webmasters and Bloggers, not knowing about Digg is like not knowing how to breathe. Digg is a place where you submit news, articles, videos and other media content. Then, readers of Digg can Digg your submission up or down! If enough people find your submission interesting you might even make the front page of […]

Effecient Blog Commenting

Used by webmasters and bloggers alike, blog commenting is a highly used technique of generating traffic. Blog comments usually spark some type of conversation between the blogger and reader, and will even include other readers as well. As there are many blogs to comment on, and many conversations going on at once, sometimes it can […]