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Getting the Authority Bloggers to Comment on Your Content

When you have first started your blog, chances are, you’re going to be writing really exciting content that is going to really entice the readers and excite them. The reason for this is because you are passionate about the topic and that means that you are going to write about all of your passions. This […]

Why Most SEO Efforts Fail, And How To Make Yours Succeed – Part 2

In the first part of this SEO series Zeaun Zarrieff talked about optimizing your keywords and your meta tags for search engine optimization. Now he continues with how to optimize your page elements, and how to obtain backlinks. Optimizing Page Element Arrangement. Market research firms, and university studies, have found that most human beings read […]

Why Most SEO Efforts Fail, And How To Make Yours Succeed – Part 1

Unfortunately most webmasters and internet marketers fail miserably at managing their search engine presence and rankings. While it is true that Google and the other popular search engines go to great lengths to keep their algorithms and determining factors secret, it is not impossible to accurately predict, and even manage (to a certain extent) how you will be seen, and thus ranked by the search engines.