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Create a Free Blog

Visit the forums and you will find that the debate rages on. Is it better to use a free blog service, or pay for your own domain and hosting? In my opinion the answer is both! The biggest advantage to having a self hosted blog is that you have the most control over your blog. […]

How Not to Lose (Too Many) Visitors When You Move Your Site – Part 1

One of the biggest problems about using free webhosts is that in case you decide to move to a paid one, you may lose some visitors in the process. Don’t despair though. There are several things you can do about this. Redirect your visitors 1. When a webmaster or blogger reveals their plans to move […]

Web Hosts Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

Before we get into the reasons a dedicated IP is far more better than a shared IP let’s go over the difference a little. A shared IP would be like getting a birthday cake and sharing it with 10 complete strangers. You don’t know where their hands have been and you don’t know what they’ve […]