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How To Promote Your Blog By Sponsoring Our Contest

At The WebMaster Blog we not only give you tons of helpful tips, but also offer you opportunities to promote your own site or blog. You can purchase an ad, be featured in our EntreCard spot, leave comments on our posts… But what if we helped you have your site promoted by several bloggers at […]

You Need to Distance Yourself from Adsense

One of the big errors that bloggers make when they set up their blog is to solely use Adsense for their earnings. I have been guilty of that same error. They see these people that are making $50,000 a month or more from Adsense and they get excited…Downright, overly, incredibly excited. So, they stop after […]

Monetizing the Site to Flip It

But, the important thing that I am sure you want to know about is how to monetize the site. I am going to be honest and say that monetization is not just throwing up an Adsense ad and calling it a day. It can be very difficult to monetize a site; however, if you experiment, you can definitely start making money from the site.