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December 3 Giveaway

Well, I got a lot more comments yesterday, and it was hard to pick a winner. John was real nice, left 2 comments, and hinted that he might write about the Giveway on his blog. Very tempting. Mike said my site looked awesome, and I love compliment Escoofield commented all over the blog, he left […]

I'll Show You the Best Way to Turn Entrecard Users Into Loyal Readers

Most Entrecard users are selfish. They just access a blog, drop a card on the Entrecard widget and move on to the next blog, where they’ll repeat the process. They couldn’t care less for the bloggers behind the pages they visit. They don’t pay attention to the posts. All they want is to accumulate Entrecard […]

Cheap Domains and a Free SEO eBook

If you are like me you like to have a few spare domains around. You never know when you are going to get a great idea for a website and it is just easier if you already have the domain. GoDaddy is currently selling .info domains for just 99 cents plus a 20 cent Icann […]