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More Winners!

Dec. 9   BobbyT, the only commentator who hadn’t already won! Dec. 10  No comments Dec. 11 No comments Dec.12 Bloggernoob Dec.13  Only one comment, from someone who already won! Dec.14  No comments Dec.15 Escarlata I haven’t been getting very many comments lately. That is bad for me, but good for you!  Your chances are pretty […]

I Feel The Need For Speed

The number one complaint that I hear about web pages is that they load too slow!  In fact, people have said that to me about this page.  (I’m working on that!)  But how do you know if your site is a turtle when it comes to loading.  You can’t always tell by your own experience.  […]

Do You Like To Make Money?

I promise I will get back to the domain give away. And I will be giving away one domain for every day of December until Christmas.  So keep commenting! But for right now I want to let you know about another contest/opportunity I have for you! If you read this blog I think I can […]