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In our continuous efforts to try and increase the ‘findability’ of our blog, sometimes, we do things that don’t make a lot of sense. We submit to random, back-alley directories. We waste so much time buying advertising on blogs that just won’t help us. And, we try out very best to comment on blogs, only to find out that the blogs we’re commenting on really don’t get much traffic. What, oh what, is a blogger to do?

Find Bloggeries. Bloggeries is a directory that specializes in blogs. While other directories have sections for all different kinds of sites, Bloggeries took that extra step and focused in on one thing: a blogger’s desire to be found. And, with a page rank of six and an Alexa of 87K, it’s definitely a site that could be beneficial in your growth to be found.

First and foremost, allow me to comment on the structure and design of the site. Although I don’t really like green for websites (just my own preference), this site does have a calming feel to it and keeps my eyes from growing cataracts. Right on the home page, in the center of the site, we can see a list of each of the sections. For example, there’s a section for science blogs, political blogs, humor blogs, just to name a few. That is exactly the place to have the sections; it makes their customer’s blogs easier to find.

On both sidebars, there are a series of different places you can visit on the Bloggeries’ website. The left sidebar includes the submission button, an affiliate button (which I will touch on later), as well as links to the many different resources Bloggeries offer. They have definitely created a directory that offers everything. Your one stop to being found.

Now comes the question everyone is probably asking. How much do they charge? It all depends on what you want. If you want a featured listing, which is found at the top of the category that you pick, it costs $49.99 annually. Is it worth it? Arguably. It depends if the niche is very populated and you want to get right to the top. However, if you don’t need to be on the top, the other form of getting listed is the regular link, which costs $29.99 once. For that cost, you get your link there for life. Not too bad a deal, if I do say so myself.

To suck you in, they argue that by getting a link from here, you’re increasing your chances of getting indexed because they consider themselves an authority directory. Back when Google went to war against link sellers, they said that authority directories that sold links would still carry weight IF there was a definite screening process. If you didn’t just approve any old blog, you’d still have the ability to carry link weight. Obviously, Bloggeries passed this. Furthermore, they offer much more in your submission. You can get a link right to your RSS feed which is definitely beneficial. Moreso, you get 3-5 deep links. The deeper you go, the longer the reader will stay.

There are numerous other resources found on this site. They have their forum, their recommended blog hosts, and their free WordPress themes. Overall, Bloggeries really is the one stop spot for all your blogging needs. However, one final question must enter your mind before forking over $30 to get a listing.

Is it worth it? Are you blogging to make money in the future? If so, I recommend signing up. Now that I’ve found it, I intend on submitting all of my blogs to the site as well. They’re authority links and we need those to become found. Should it be your only means of promotion, though? It shouldn’t be your first. However, put it on your list of ways to increase your ‘findability.’ It can’t hurt. Try Bloggeries.

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5 Responses to “Bloggeries: A Directory for Blogs”

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    And I was wondering if you could help me out. I also want to sell banners, but I do not have any clue how? I want to know how you were able to make that form. Please help me out I will highly appreciate this favor of yours. Email me at

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  2. ~Kat~ says:

    Yes, the advertising sales here are all automated. Pretty nice! I just approve the ad, but everything else is taken care of. We do it with a the only WordPress plug-in that I have ever paid for, and it has more than paid for itself!

    It is OIO publisher and if you click on the Orange banner in the upper right ad box over there you can get your own copy.

    Let me know how it works for you!

  3. Joanne says:

    I already have the Oio Publisher plugin installed on my blog,and all you have to do is approve banner and text-link requests. But your blog needs a fairly high rate of traffic for it to get a good return.

    Joannes last blog post..Book Review – Blogging Heroes By Michael A Banks

  4. Jacob says:

    Yes and no, Joanne. True, you need traffic to bring in considerable amounts of money. But, if you were to go to a webmaster forum and try and find people to buy links or 125×125 ads on your blog for even just $5.00 a month, if you sold four, it’d bring $20.00. And, as your blog grows, you’ll already have customers, so you can, over time, increase the price.

  5. Great post. I will definitely check out that directory.

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