I'll Show You the Best Way to Turn Entrecard Users Into Loyal Readers

Most Entrecard users are selfish.

They just access a blog, drop a card on the Entrecard widget and move on to the next blog, where they’ll repeat the process. They couldn’t care less for the bloggers behind the pages they visit. They don’t pay attention to the posts. All they want is to accumulate Entrecard credits as fast as possible. However, when other Entrecard users behave the same way, they complain a lot: “How come all those people come here, drop a card and go away? Why don’t they take the time to click on my wonderful headlines and read my precious articles? How can they be so evil to me?” Talk about incoherence!

But do you know what? There’s an easy way to take advantage of this situation.

It’s very easy to beat selfish Entrecard users

If you’re surrounded by a selfish crowd, what’s the best way to stand out and make a difference? That’s an easy one: do not be selfish. Be generous and friendly. Offer the others exactly what you’d like to be offered.

Do you want interested visitors? Subscribers? More comments? You can get it all if you do one simple thing: whenever you visit a blog owned by a fellow Entrecarder, drop your card and leave a meaningful comment on a post.

By doing this you’ll show good-will towards the blogger, whom on his/her turn will likely return the favour. This could be the beginning of a promising relationship. In the end the blogger may become a regular visitor and/or subscriber to your blog. Of course, I highly recommend that you reciprocate.

“This is too time-consuming,” you might argue.

Let me tell you something that shouldn’t be a secret for anyone: there’s no magic way to generate repeat visits for a blog or site. If a traffic generation method looks too good to be true… you know. All effective promotion techniques require time, effort and persistence. This one couldn’t be different.

Besides, it’s about giving people what they want, as opposed to sitting down and waiting for everyone to serve you as if they were your slaves. Be nice to others and many will be nice to you too. It’s that simple.

How the Entrecard-drop-and-comment scheme works

1. You visit a blog containing the Entrecard widget. Ideally, you want to access blogs whose topics you’re familiar with.

2. You drop your Entrecard, as usual.

3. Instead of leaving the blog right away, you choose a post that catches your attention and read it.

4. Finally, you leave a relevant comment on the article you’ve just read. Since you’re familiar with the blog’s topic, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a nice message.

Special tip: let the blogger know you’ve found his/her blog via Entrecard. The reason why you want to do this is to show the blogger you aren’t one of those selfish quick droppers. You use Entrecard as a networking tool and you’re genuinely interested in building relationships.

There you have it: you’ve just made a blogger happier–who doesn’t like comments?–and encouraged him/her to not only reciprocate your Entrecard drop, but also pay attention to your posts. There’s no way a quick dropper can cause a better impression than you.

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Karen Zara is a writer who favours relationship building over selfish promotional actions. You can click here to contact her and/or learn more about her SEO writing services.

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4 Responses to “I'll Show You the Best Way to Turn Entrecard Users Into Loyal Readers”

  1. Mr Spammer says:

    good post , will follow ur instructions next time i drop an entrecard :)

    Mr Spammers last blog post..Linkshowoff -show off your links

  2. Maricris says:

    This is an awesome topic! Thanks for posting! I’m new with EC and I tell u I’m guilty on some extent but I do leave comments on other blogs that catches my interest! This is so helpful to me and yes I did find u thru EC. Come visit me sometimes! :)

  3. Evan says:

    Thanks for the good advice. I think all of us Entrecarders are guilty of this sometimes, and we need to be reminded that every blogger is looking for quality traffic, not just traffic that increases your bounce rate!

    Evans last blog post..Kitchen Hints

  4. Free Samples says:

    What i’ve noticed some people do is reward top droppers, or lottery for top droppers. This gets those droppers back to your website everyday to drop. If your topic interests them, its bound to make them a reader.

    Free Sampless last blog post..Cyber Monday Promotions

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