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One of the shortcomings of Blogger against WordPress is the native support for contact form, there are various contact form plugins available for self-hosted WordPress blogs while allows users to add contact forms just by using the tag [contact form]. However, despite this disadvantage, all is not lost for Blogger.

Bloggers on the Blogger platform can actually host their own HTML form in any of their blog post, but they would need to link to an external PHP or CGI script to process the form and send an email containing user-inputs to their own email accounts.

You can of course host your own external PHP or CGI scripts if you have your own hosting to play with. However, there are a large number of users on Bloggers who do not have their own hosting. Besides, it would be troublesome to code a script to handle forms anyway, so I would recommend using third-party services to accomplish the task of adding a contact form to Blogger blogs.

There are various third-party services to help you with this task and most of them are free too. For example, feel free to check out Contactify, FormSpring and Response-o-matic. You are free to choose the service that suits you the most, and you can present your contact form in different ways according to situations. Here are a few ways to present your contact form on Blogger:

  • Embed it in a blog post (you can link to this post on your navigation bar with the anchor “Contact Us”)
  • Present it in a pop-up window (again you can put a link to this from navigation bar or anywhere in your blog posts)
  • Put a link to an externally hosted form (this happens if you use Contactify, you can choose to open this in an external window or a pop-up window too)

I will not being going into the specifics of how to sign up with those third-party services and how to use the code of the forms on your Blogger blogs, you will find those instructions on the links I provided above.

Not all of the third-party services are equal, some are simple and sufficient for basic use while others are more powerful and for a monthly subscription fee, you can actually use various types of forms for different purposes such as accepting orders from clients and doing surveys.

No doubt bloggers using Blogger have disadvantage such as not having the ability to upload external Javascript files on its server and not having native support for a contact form but as demonstrated earlier, bloggers who require extra functionalities can always look towards third-party supports. Bloggers who need to use Javascript functions can upload external files to other free servers and there are now ways to replace the commenting system of Blogger to a better one.

Do you feel disadvantaged using Blogger for your blogs? Do you wish to have extra functionalities currently not found on Blogger? What are the tasks that you found difficult to accomplish with Blogger and wish that there are solutions to your problems? Share with us your problems, and who knows, one of our many authors and webmasters here might just have the perfect solutions for your problems.

BobbyT is a 23-year-old blogger, freelance writer and internet marketeer wannabe. You can visit his blog at

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6 Responses to “Add a Contact Form to Blogger”

  1. Crazykinux says:

    Here’s a wish for us Bloggers: I’d like to have the name of other Bloggers who comment link to there (main) blog and not to there profiles. Is that possible?


    Crazykinuxs last blog post..The Drone Bay: Episode 12 – The Drone Menace

  2. BobbyT says:

    Yes, it is indeed possible to have the name of other Bloggers who comment link to their blog URL, but you will have to enable this settings:

    Settings -> Comments -> Who can comment? -> Choose the option “Anyone”, to allow Bloggers to input their name and blog URL when they comment.

    However, some Bloggers might still prefer to comment using their Blogger profile right away rather than typing their name and URL.

    If you wish to have a better comment system and easier comment moderation, I refer you to this post on how to implement the 3rd party comment system called IntenseDebate:

    The IntenseDebate comment system allows the name of Bloggers who comment to link to their blog URL or their IntenseDebate profile. Again, this is not foolproof, but I will be on the look out, if there is any better comment system, I shall keep you updated :)

  3. Madhu says:

    My tech blog is a Blogger blog and I want to use 3rd party comment features rather than the default Blogger type. Thanks for the information.

    Madhus last blog post..Liquid Cooling for your Computer

  4. BobbyT says:

    You are welcome Madhu. Hope you have no trouble using 3rd party comment features on your Blogger blog.

    BobbyTs last blog post..WordPress 2.7 Auto Update (WPAU) Problem?

  5. It is good to have a working spam filtered contact form. I have used one contact form without spam filter, and I can say, that my inbox hit with almost 300 spam emails daily submited from contact form. Currently, I’m using cForm contact form to my wordpress. Luckily, I have shifted from blogger to wordpress about a year ago.

  6. Yeah you cannot upload the Javascript but there’s a widget where you can add Javascript code. I use Blogger even though I like WordPress but for some reasons I am using Blogger with it’s free hosting and I will need a contact form for my blog, thanks for these links. It will help me to build good relations with my readers.

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